When you feel alone
Listen to the birds singing outside
The ruffle of the bushes
And feel the sunrays fill the room
The curtains blow in and out with the wind

In and out

Listen, more carefully, to the birds outside
They are not working hard at accomplishing their tune
There is no struggle. Or need for struggle it seems
No need for better or for more. A perfect tune just the way it is
Wouldn’t it be lovely to just be and sing your tune?
Not worrying if it is a nice tune or a tune anyone likes
Just your tune

From the heart and without a struggle
No issue-ridden process to accompany its’ composure.
I am half way. Half way letting go.

Letting go some of the will.
The will to create, compose, do, act, think, adjust, worry, search and search and search and search.

I will thank her for assisting me so well in the past
For she has brought me a long way
But she can go now – at least for a while
I now want to listen to the tunes in my head, the ones I can faintly hear as I sit here and listen
Listen to my heart.

sing my own song

sing my own