Fabulous Opening night at sparkarts on 5 April

Ronit Hendels’ exhibition shows a journey of struggle to find a form of expression in a new country. During her first year, at a time when everything is new, finding herself far from family, friends, and anything known, it was hard to find a way to express her inner turmoil. Without words at her fingertips, she rediscovered the brush and her passion. Ever since, she has been producing painting after painting.

As a true sparkarts collaboration; my poetry bites hang loosely next to the paintings, like whispers in the wind. Illuminating words lost to Ronit for so long and found voice speaking in colours and shapes on canvas. I am honoured that my work can compliment Ronit’s in this beautiful friendship and collaboration of art.

There was wine, there were bites and music and a lot of people walking the Castro Art Walk!