When I first came to San Francisco almost 2 years ago, I was looking for a way use my skills well and at the same time, to give something back to this city. I took a small step and invited people to my home and into my world of coaching conversations. Using art as an entry point to sparking conversations that matter. Making my dream, combining poetry and coaching, come true. Being courageous, I learned coming from the French word coeur, works. As I followed my heart, I could help other’s follow theirs.

As a coach, I am constantly focusing my attention and energy towards habits that will help me get where I want so I can help other people get to where they want. And taking that first step proved important. Designing Poetry Bites was such a wonderful step as it didn’t only give me an opportunity to share my work & my voice, most importantly, today, it gives other people a chance to share theirs. This is what my coaching practice is about.

Poetry Bites has become a monthly community night with a bite and a drink; a moment of sharing our voices and talking about things that matter to us in the midst of local art.
Aviva Kanoff, founder of sparkarts has done a smashing job creating community at Sparkarts gallery. It is an honour to co-create this with her.