Hearts Wide Open

Our hearts are being broken. And our hearts are being broken-open.

I see fear and love, angst and trust, sorrow and compassionate action.

Opposite Poles

The forces of duality are affecting me and maybe you too; I find myself searching for balance, for equanimity all the time.

Looking for an undisturbed mind.

Reflecting on the relationship between opposite poles, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The masculine-feminine, depression-excitement, fear-confidence, dark-light, fluid-stable, thinking-feeling, hate-love, words-forms, active-passive, dream-awake, stillness-movement. And how do I find the middle ground.

Regulating our emotions

And then there is the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous system. What I know is that calming down one and activating the other, helps find more balance.

With feelings all over, I regulate my emotions by returning to my seat, my mat, my pillow every day. Returning to my centre place and base. It helps to recover, rejuvenate and allows me to return to being other-focused & serve in these times where compassionate action is so needed.

#centred #base #compassionateaction

‘Barbara is an expert in meaningful communication. She writes about compassion and takes a positive approach on health. As an ICF certified professional coach, she helps individuals and teams develop what are often referred to as ‘soft skills’ and what she calls the ‘hard skills’; (self)compassion, (self)awareness and meditation. By connecting to yourself first, you become more resilient.’