Personal Wellbeing

“A calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that’s very important for good health.” – Dalai Lama

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Taking good care of yourself is essential to meeting the challenges of a busy work-life and to deal with times of overwhelm and stress. This 12-week experiential course is designed to cultivate wellbeing practices & self-compassion in community.

We will practice the art of presence, of (deep) listening and a non-judgemental attitude. Actively practicing these skills will create more wellbeing and prevent stress and it enhances our capacity to recover and find balance more quickly.


Protected Pages for Participants of Personal Wellbeing & Self Care

All Be Rooted documents and audio below are shared here to support your journey during this course and for your own use. Please be mindful of the effort put into the documents if you decide to share or use the content for derivative material. You can always call me to discuss.

Course Syllabus

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Habit Tracker / Meditation Log

Session 1: Review and exercises

“Barbara is an amazing listener- her coaching style empowered me to be more conscious in tough work situations. Specifically, to be able to stay present and make intention-based decisions. She also helped me bring more mindfulness-based brainstorming techniques to my team, which have increased creativity and productivity.” Breana Tuebner, Head of Business Operations at Skills, Investor & Advisor Fortune 500 Executive

Session 2: Review and exercises

Session 3: Review and exercises

Session 4: Review and exercises

Centering Exercise week 4

by Barbara Piper-Roelofs | Meditations

Session 5: Review and exercises

Session 6: Review and exercises

Self Compassion Meditation and Exercise week 6

by Barbara Piper-Roelofs | Meditations

Session 7: Review and exercises

Session 8: Review and exercises

Session 9: Review and exercises

Session 10: Review and exercises


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Looking forward to working with you! ~ Barbara

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