Sit with me

‘Silence is sometimes the best answer, Dalai Lama’

Calm, Compassion and Resilience

By connecting to yourself first, you become more aware, more resilient and start to live with a growth mindset. I help people develop what are often referred to as ‘soft skills’ and what I call the ‘hard skills’; (self)compassion, (self)awareness, meditation and more.

These meditations are meant to support people in building resilience and cultivating compassion. If you know someone who might benefit from these evenings, please pass this page on to them!

Come to Your Senses

The Fall Meditation Serie

After the successful and lovely Mid Summer Meditations, we will continue the meditations during the Indian summer and Fall:

Join us for the Online Fall Meditations 
Come to Your Senses’.
Wednesday Evenings at 20:30 (CET) on 2, 9, 16 and 30 September & 7 October 2020.


To calm ourselves and find focus and strength.
To build resilience by opening our hearts and practising compassion.

Wednesday evening at
20:30 (8:30) CET (Central European Time)
11:30 PT (Pacific Time – California)
2:30 PM ET (Eastern Time – NYC)

A 30-minute Zoom meditation.

How much do you want to pay?

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Peace, Barbara

“Beautiful, soft and relaxing; thank you. I loved your voice, it calms me”

A participant of the Corona Compassion Community Meditations

The International Compassion Community
Free weekly meditation sessions

The Corona Compassion Community for Health Care in The Netherlands started as a spontaneous response to the first signs of overwhelm in out Heath Care system. To support our professionals in the front line, to invite us to draw upon our inner strength to support ourselves and each other with calm and compassion. We meditated for 78 consecutive days. Evidence based practices led by professionals, scientists, people who know what the benefits of meditation are.

In response to continuous request, we are continuing our meditations on Monday (in Dutch) and in English (on Thursday) until we find a new format where we can keep offering our daily meditations for Health Care Professionals.

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