Sit with me

‘Silence is sometimes the best answer, Dalai Lama’

Calm, Compassion and Resilience


By connecting to yourself first, you become more aware, more resilient and start to live with a growth mindset. I help people develop what are often referred to as ‘soft skills’ and what I call the ‘hard skills’; (self)compassion, (self)awareness, meditation and more.

These meditations are meant to support people in building resilience and cultivating compassion. If you know someone who might benefit from these evenings, please pass this page on to them!


Come to Your Senses

The Winter Series

After the successful Mid Summer and Fall Meditations; we will continue the meditations during Winter:

Join us for this Online Meditation Serie 
Come to Your Senses’
Wednesday mornings at 08:00 AM (CET) starting March 9, 2021

To calm ourselves and find focus and strength
To build resilience by opening our hearts and practising compassion

A 30-minute Zoom meditation.



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        For 5 sessions     6 sessions or   10 sessions

Peace, Barbara

“Beautiful, soft and relaxing; thank you. I loved your voice, it calms me”

A participant of the Corona Compassion Community Meditations


For more calm, focus and inspiration in the midst of everything

Do you work in Health and Care and do you want to inner calm, focus and compassion to cultivate more resilience and harmony in the midst of everything? Would you like to bring more consistency to your meditation practice and could you use some support with a daily offering? Do you want to feel connected to professionals in Health and Care for whom attention and compassion are important elements in their work? Do you want to be inspired and guided by recognised international teachers in the area of mindfulness & compassion in Health and Care? Do you need moments of stillness, contemplation and a mindfulness practice?

As a member you will get free access to our bi-monthly, hour-long lectures by (inter) national experts about the latest scientific insights in and the application of meditation, mindfulness and compassion in Health and Care. Additionally, every first Monday or Wednesday of the month, we will organise a half-an-hour English or Dutch Q&A with 2 meditation teachers for questions that came up during the meditations.

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