Cultivating the Heart

Calm, Compassion and Resilience

Cultivating a foundational contemplative practice and finding root in your heart through Presence and Awareness is at the core of Compassion Training: Cultivating the Heart.

Research points to a correlation between compassion and personal well-being and the benefits of learning how to cultivate and anchor attention in the body and in our heart. This is about learning how to stay present in the moment, as well as having a vision of how to move forward into the future. And it requires a rebalancing of our overdeveloped habit of ‘doing’ with one of ‘being.’

In this 8-week course, we will work with contemplative practices for at least 20 minutes in each class session. When we cultivate greater awareness and develop the skills to self-regulate our emotions, we learn how to connect to ourselves first. As we become more aware of ‘being’ present with ourselves, in this way, we gradually begin to recognize and experience a more fully integrated sense of connection with our heart’s deeper intentions and core values.

Compassion Training: Cultivating the Heart is designed to help you develop the skills of (self)compassion, (self)awareness, reflection, meditation and more, skills that are anchored in evidence-based practices. As an entry point to cultivating a more compassionate, resilient, and authentic life, the course incorporates the “Alphabet of the Heart”, a mnemonic created by James R. Doty MD, Founder & Director of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education, CCARE at Stanford University School of Medicine.