‘Compassion is an action word with no boundaries, Prince’

Intimate and Powerful Learning

Working on cultivating compassion for yourself and others in a group environment creates intimate and powerful learning.

We practice the art of Presence, of Deep Listening and awakening a Non-Judgemental Attitude as well as learn how to work with the combination of cognitive learning with contemplation.


‘Compassion is a Verb’
Lunch & Learn

Join us for a new series of SummerSessions

In 2020 we launched the first Lunch & Learn on Compassion.

A Mindful Break in the middle of your week

An introductory course to compassion, designed to cultivate qualities of the heart, of compassion and kindness. To connect these qualities to your own Personal Leadership. Together we explore how a mindful and compassionate response can affect yourself and your environment. Compassion is like a muscle, the more we practice the more it becomes part of who we are and becomes an active force in our lives

Become more respons-able: Responding from the Inside Out

Mindful meditation helps us make the move from the outside-in to a solid base response from the inside-out. To build resilience on the inside so we can respond appropriately to what is going on outside of us. When we feel more control over our lives, it builds resilience. This is at the Heart of my work.

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“Barbara is an amazing listener- her coaching style empowered me to be more conscious in tough work situations. Specifically, to be able to stay present and make intention-based decisions. She also helped me bring more mindfulness-based brainstorming techniques to my team, which have increased creativity and productivity.”

Breana Tuebner, Strategist and Operator at Gap Inc, Fortune 500 Executive

Compassion is a Verb

lunch & learn

Individual Sign-up
6 sessions Wednesdays 12:00 – 13:00 (CET)
Starting October 27 2021

Compassion is a Verb

With your team (from 10 members)

We can set up the dates once you have signed-up. As a bi-lingual speaker, the sessions can be in Dutch and in English. Fill in the form below to get more information about the workshop.

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