About me

‘To listen and observe; to be mindful and ask the right questions at the right time. To let you find your own answers, to find Joy essentially’

Become more resilient


As an entrepreneur in compassion, my focus is on developing what are often referred to as ‘soft skills’ and what I call the ‘hard skills’; skills such as (self)compassion, (self)awareness, kindness and empathy. By connecting to yourself first, you become more aware, more resilient and start to live with a growth mindset. My approach is open and intuitive, investigating the ‘real’ questions clients have. Organisations, teams as well as individuals.

I combine evidence-based academic practices with ancient wisdom traditions and contemplative work. This is the foundation of my work. All my ventures revolve around bringing the qualities of compassion, empathy and kindness into the world; Cultivate a life of joy by creating compassionate habits of mind!

My story

Find more inner peace

Most of my clients are in the midst of big transitions, in their professional or in their personal life. They experience feelings overwhelm and are looking looking to find ways of relief from stress and find more inner peace. Mindful and compassionate conversations are key to finding calm and clarity; to become more resilient. 

My approach allows for calm and introspective connection to yourself and others. This give clarity and reduces stress. I am focused on helping you build sustainable skills to support your own personal well-being, integrating mind, heart, body and soulful practices to help you take next steps toward a fulfilling life.

When you feel better, you will have room for professional and personal growth. I use compassion, mindful meditation and visualisation to help you find that success, to finding your calm. Let’s invite moments of peace into our lives and ground it in our hearts.

I hold a Master’s degree in Communication and over the past 3 years, I have studied at Stanford’s CCARE Institute (Cultivating Compassion and Altruism) which combines rigorous academic research with experiential contemplative, meditation practices. 

During the 20+ years of experience in corporate communication and health care management, personal development has always been my passion. Over the last 10+ years I have deepened my practice of inner calm to be able to get my clients results on outer focus. Compassion has become a unique focus to my coaching and mentoring. 

My vision is that when we decide to live our lives compassionately, we commit to having an open and non-judgmental attitude. We then meet life with a quality of kindness, love, forgiveness and joy .   



The hague

Since Summer 2019, my office is situated in The Hague the International city of Peace and Justice where we can meet face-to-face. 

The Hague

San Francisco

A few times a year, I travel to San Francisco for work. During those weeks, I work in inspirational, flexible workspaces to meet my clients face-to-face. I can also come to your office.

City of San Francisco

Walk ‘n Talk

Often, my clients and I go outside where we walk in nature. Nature offers a calm and vibrant environment to work in and walking often stimulates movement and flow.

We can walk in the forest or meet at the beach




+31 640 269 953


The Hague

Most of my coaching is via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom. From wherever you are, feel free to contact me if you are interested and want to know what I can do for you as your life coach. I would love to hear more about who you are and your reasons to get in touch! This will help me better prepare when we connect.

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