Piper’s Pen

‘There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you’- Maya Angelou

An evening of Poetry

Poetry as an entry point to deeper understanding ourselves and the world around us. A wonderful group of women showed up so I could show up. Thanks for the support everyone! #steppingintolight #creatingcircles#pocketsoflight #showingup...

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Family history

As a child my life was full of family stories. Told and untold, open and secret, horrific and beautiful. They were all both enriching and at the time sometimes confusing. In the midst of all the extremes, and for the longest time, I searched for the place where I...

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My place in the order of things

It takes time to figure out my place in the grand order of things a whole lifetime Unsettling to not know to remain there a little discomfort on my chest and in my legs spinning like the globe itself slow and fast simultaneously I can't miss a turn will there come...

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